Sunday, November 10, 2013

Using my scraps

Hello everyone,
Well, there's a joke around here and it's about me.  My children always tell me that I go overboard with everything.  Well, I guess that's a good thing where cards are concerned, BUT it's also a bad thing because I can't do simple.   I don't know what it is, but it's almost like I become inept.

I am really busy this month and so I decided to make a simple card.  Well, this "simple" card turned out into an almost hour ordeal.  First, I found this challenge: Hiding in my craft room Super Scraps Saturday #123  Perfect --since I don't have time to think and match paper etc.  Well, as I started creating, oh my...everything went wrong.  Maybe it's because I WAS using scraps and trying to be simple ???  But I kept cutting things crookedly.  I have lots of scraps since I use 12x12 paper in hopes I can get at least 2 cards out of them.   ACtually I never throw anything away, not even little teeny scraps...they may come in useful!.  LOL.    I even have an entire box of glitter scraps.  I used a Darcie embossing plate that Kathy gave me for Christmas.  I LOVE this embossing plate. I first used it on white paper.  Well it ripped.  The embossing folder completely RIPPED IT!  So then I had a big enough scrap of paper color I wasn't too crazy about--sort of neutral whereas I'm all about color.  So this was a perfect opportunity to use it.  It was thicker and that came out great but then the card I had well, was too big for this embossed piece of paper.  So I found gold paper which I only had to cut a little.  Fit great on the card except the embossed paper was still too small.  So I found some brown paper.  it was rather small so you can barely see it, mounted on the embossed paper.  Once I mounted it on the gold...well you can see it's OK, but, was blah.  And with my wonderful coordination, not sure it lined up perfectly.  So then I thought of using a banner with what I had left.  I think it came out OK, but not one of my prouder moments.  So, all in all..I really love this design of the embossed folder, but it was just not a high MOJO day for creativity.  Which is why I added the gold paper...I figured it would give it some oomph.  And the 3 swarovski's as a dot dot dot  :)  WEll I couldn't have it COMPLETELY plain!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a better creative day! and a bit more coordination...


  1. Oh my, Margaret, that is beautiful! I never thought of using an embossing folder as the focal point~great idea!!!

  2. I think your card is fantastic. I've been right there with you when I has some thin paper and the embossing folder tore it apart. Sometimes I've been able to save it for a Shabby Chic card. I never throw anything away, so I feel your pain. I am so fortunate to have this challenge so I can clean my desk area and make a fun card. Thanks for joining us this week at HIMCR and you will continue to visit our little blog.

  3. I'm with you! I keep scraps! And doesn't it feel good to make something with them! Your card is gorgeous! Thanks for joining us this week at HIMCR!

    Hiding in My Craft Room

  4. This turned out awesome. I love the bling accents. Thanks for playing at HIMCR.