Monday, October 14, 2013

Sympathy card

Hello everyone,
Kathy is recuperating from her trip tonight.  And I'm here with a lovely but sad sad card.  Seems like I've been making quite a few of these sympathy cards lately.  One of my students had a loved one die quite tragically in a drive by shooting where the perpetrator stopped the card and then proceeded on shooting him 15 times more in front of his young son.  AWFUL AWFUL--no leads either.  So needless to say, this person is devastated and really needing some love.  We as a program are getting together some herbs that we will plant for her and this card.   Nothing we could do could ever make something like this more bearable but gosh, she also needs to know she has support.  She is all alone in this town too.

Anyway...this card is a 5.5x5.5.  The edging is cut from a 5x5 white piece of paper using Martha Stewart punches. The paper squares are from Stella Rose (My Mind's Eye) cut in 1 inch squares.  The banner is an MFT die and sentiment is Stampin Up with three Swarovski crystals to give it just the right touch.  The card is for a sad occasion but I think this design will stand the test of time for happier occasions.  Took no time at all to make.  No entries into challenges today.

Please send some good thoughts to this family and my student.  She really needs it...this isn't the first bout of horrific happenings--her father became  sick 6 months ago that he needed to quit his job and mom lost her job so she is working full time and going to school while helping support them from a distance.  She's been struggling for a while now with one thing or another.  It's time for things to improve for her--this is a very hard working person too and wonderful in school.

Thanks for stopping by...til we meet again under happier circumstances.  Margaret