Thursday, March 14, 2013

SSC91: Happy Easter

Hello everyone,
Well I fell down on the ball last night and forgot to post.  This week has been a doozy.  So I have some extra treats today.

My card that I'm sharing with you today is for my parents ( know my mother will love it as she is all about the hats, especially on Easter).  I used the SSC91 sketch for Sketchbook Saturday.  I just found this blog on Saturday and I am in LOVE with Chupa's sketches.  They're so interesting.  I plan on being a regular from now on. :)  The only thing I forgot is the little doodad on the top left--oops.

Anyway, this card uses an MFT die for the banner, Spellbinders for the center (and I can't remember for the sentiment die cut).  SU sentiment and the stamp is from Stampendous.  It's one of those stamps I've never used and forgot I had.  Below the card, I just had to share my children's new creations.  I'm quite proud of them!

 Above:  This is an 8.5x11 picture frame of an iris folding craft that my older daughter Julia made.  Isn't it spectacular?  She was having a case of the "Missing Miss Kathy" and our old Art Days from Arkansas.   This was supposed to be a birthday gift for a friend, but she loved it so much she gave it to me because she wants to look at it every day and keep it in the family.  I'm so touched!
 Above: A card my 11 year old daughter Claudia made.  She is turning 12 soon...and each week she is getting more and more advanced in her card making.  Well why shouldn't she?  She had a paintbrush in her hand at 18 months!  (This image is from Northwoods)
 Above:  Another card by Claudia...I love this card, the colors, the simplicity, the paper matching.
Below:  My precious baby Daisy.  I can never get a photo of her as she is terrified of the camera...but today I tricked her.  :)  She is as soft as she looks.

Thanks for stopping by!  I look forward to sharing some more with you later this weekend.  In a few hours it's TGIF!  YEAH!  ~Margaret


  1. OMG, I am so glad you are keeping Julia's project in the family. It is so beautiful and so well done! Claudia, you are really evolving in your cardmaking! Love your work! Yes, your mom will love that card, Margaret, being the fashionista that she is! And I can't wait to meet Daisy and her soulful eyes! Great work girls!!! I miss you too!

    Miss Kathy in Arkansas

  2. Oh gosh, these are all fantastic! I love the one made with my sketch most, looks so neat and cheerful! :)