Monday, April 22, 2013

My special recipe...always includes you

Hello everyone.  It's more time this week.  I just had to post this card that my daughter made.  If you've been following this blog for a while, you will be able to see that she is getting better and better.  I love how her art is blooming and that she loves sparkles as much as I do!  Just goes to show...immerse them young, and immerse them heavily.  You will have your own built in stamping partner in crime...the craft will never die!  Oh how I remember when we used to have Art Saturdays and Kathy would create some new iris folding template...we've been at this since they were 5 (and my girls have had paintbrushes in their hands at 18 months!)  Talk about a determined mother.  It is such a wonderful hobby to have--Claudia can spend hours and hours in the art room.  I see so many young adults today who have no hobbies...and are unable to handle their stresses.  I truly advocate getting kids involved in the arts...even if they are immersed in sports.  Builds up the entire brain!

The girl and chair are Magnolia stamps, with a Martha Stewart edging (can barely see as it blends with the paper).  She said she found this sentiment stamp in my stash, which I didn't even know I had (LOL)..."My special recipe always includes you!"  I will need to look up where this stamp came from.  Anyway...I was tickled pink ... inside it says "Surprise"...and it surely was. :)  Thanks for indulging me this one night.  You will get Kathy back tomorrow, I promise...  Margaret

Card created by Claudia Harris, Age 12

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  1. This is adorable. If you hadn't said so, I would have thought you had made it, not Claudia! She has really blossomed!!! Well done, girl!!!