Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Are you cured yet? And Children's Corner

Hi everyone!
I have a cute little card today that is using WAY old stamps and paper and a card that I found in my daughter's stash when I was cleaning our art room.  See below for details!

So, first my card.  This is a card I made just to have for my own inspiration board.  It's for someone sick as the sentiment says, "Are you cured yet?"  I love a good play on words.  This is a very old Stampin Up set (I've actually used this one quite a lot!  Always brings smiles to its recipients).  Paper is Basic Grey from another oldie stash.

Now here is a card by my daughter made early this year (when she was 10).  This is a Penny Black stamp from the Mimi line...love these girls.  I think Claudia was so creative in how she created this card...adding the stamp to paper with clouds on it.  Since she didn't see an appropriate stamp in my stash, she created her own sentiment:  "Just Flying by to say thank you"  Isn't she so cute?  incidentally, she could never make herself to send this card--it's one of her best.  Sound familiar?  She's been stamping since she could hold the stamp in her hands...Even since this card, she's gotten much more advanced over the last 6 months.  Can't wait to see what this year will bring.  Teach em when they're young is what I say!  Another cute thing: I asked her today what will be the first thing she will do when she comes back?  She said, "Well, I really need to be in my art room because I haven't been there in a long time and I need to stamp!"  I love it!
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  1. I love it! Teach them when they are young and get them hooked!!! All those art days in LR have paid off! I love this card of hers too, and I get the "I can't give it away" thing, though I am able to send you my very best because I know they will be cherished since we share the same values!!! (if you know what I mean). Great Job Claudia!!!