Sunday, July 22, 2012

You're a gem

Hello everyone,
I'm back for a teensy post today.  Well not so teensy.  This one took me a little while to make.  The other day Kathy and I were commenting why no one ever makes mandalas/medallions.  Probably due to a lot of work!  But they're so worth it.  So keeping this in mind, I sat down yesterday after a long hard week and wondered what sort of card can I make today?  Well, my mind is highly overactive right now due to work stuff going on and making a medallion is a perfect treatment to calm that active mind. I'm sure you've seen those coloring books with mandalas out there.  The reason is because working with mandalas, whether coloring in or making them, is an excellent way to learn to focus and to help calm that overactive mind down.  This is why it's such a great activity for kids with ADHD.   Anyway, I'm trying to reach some very intense deadlines which has caused me to overwork so much that I've forgotten to eat (and I can tell you this has never happened to me before) and I can't even sleep soundly.

This truly was I'm so relaxed I don't want to do any work! LOL.  So this mandala or medallion, whichever you want to call it, is created with ONE Holly Berry Stamp.  Are you intrigued?  Check out a wide assortment of Holly Berries.  This is actually one of the original ways Kathy and I learned to making these mandalas holds a special place in our hearts and we do them often.  We found a ton of them when we took a visit to the stamp store in Branson, Unique Impressions.   Unfortunately, this store is no more in existence...a darn shame if you ask me!  The late Outlines also had these.

I've attached a you can see this is one stamp just cut numerous amounts of times and stacked up one on top of the other.  This is one creation that actually works much better with embossing powder (in my example, I used silver).  Although the photograph really doesn't do it justice, it is actually quite sparkly because I've attached Swarovski crystals!  The only little faux pas I've made is made the sentiment crooked!  I hate when that happens.  On top of that, I cut the card wrong too...but you can't really tell that from here.  LOL (The back is shorter than the front).  I'm sure Kathy is laughing her head off right typical when I'm bogged down with work!  This is what happens when you don't stamp all week!

Well I hope you enjoyed this card.  I hope to be back more this week.  Have a good Sunday and thanks for stopping by.  Margaret

Stamp:  Holly Berry
Accessories: Extra large spellbinders, Swarovski crystals, Embossing powder, Stickles

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  1. Really pretty! Love the color scheme. The sentiment is adorable!