Saturday, December 22, 2012

Have a Wild and Wonderful Holiday

Hello everyone!
I am posting today to save Kathy some energy.  As you know, her Schmitzy had a very serious surgery yesterday where they opened him up and scrutinized every organ, every lining of the GI track.  The good news is that there is no cancer!  The unsettling news is they found nothing.  HIs GI was absolutely clear so we still don't know why the poor thing keeps vomiting.  However, since his surgery he hasn't thrown up at all!  So perhaps we are in the clear.  The best news is that there is nothing serious. YEY!

Today I am sharing a card that I made for my aunt for Christmas.  She has horses and she is a big horsewoman, loves her cowboy boots.  The ribbon looks as if it is off in color, but it really isn''s just a lighter shade of pink as the paper.  The stamp is from Flourishes--boy was it hard to find!  It's always sold out!  The die cuts are all spellbinders.   There are lots and lots of stickles on this card though the photo doesn't do it justice.   I don't remember the name of the DP paper but it came in one of those small pads and was already precut like this.  It's several years old.

Well I hope you enjoyed!  It's a rather DIFFERENT holiday card.  I'm just on pins and needles for Kathy to get my Christmas gift!  Now I have a lot more cleaning and wrapping to do!  AND...I have some massive damage to do in my art room over the next several days so you'll be hearing more from me!  It's my only chance before classes hit again.  Thanks for stopping by! Margaret


  1. Oh Margaret! Your aunt is going to love this! I have never seen this stamp before. I love how you put all this together and I must get that Spellbinders die! Amazing!!!