Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mandala by Kathy

Good evening everyone!
I'm leaving 2012 with a toilet overflowed and we didn't realize it until it flooded the bathroom, leaking onto the first floor ceiling, right onto the stove.  It was an upsetting day to say the least.  I've been washing over 30 towels since then...I didn't even know I had that many...glad to have saved all those ripped up ones for episodes such as this.  Anyway...

Today I have a card for you the should be a real treat for you (eye candy), and a surprise to Kathy (and a blast from the past).  This is a card SHE made and it is significant.  When we first started stamping, we got hooked on the Outlines Mandalas.  They are no longer being made anymore (unless if someone knows something I don't know)...but we almost went into business over this we were so hooked.  (Until we realized how much work this really was)  This is the first Mandala she made and gave me as a gift for Christmas.  These things take about 2 hours each to make...this is all one stamp, stamped and embossed many many times, as many times as there are layers, each cut being smaller and smaller and propped up with foam tape.  There are teeny Swarovski Crystals all over it--if I recall correctly, I think there are about 36 at least!  The photo doesn't do this justice but this card is extremely intricate and sparkly.  I hope you enjoy...this is one of the most special cards I have of hers and I look at it often...the love outpours out of it, as this was truly a labor of love.  Hope it perks up your day!  Margaret

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