Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mr. Fix It

I don't know if you are as lucky as me, but I have my very own Mr. Fix-It.  He can do absolutely anything from fixing planes and computers to building houses, and everything in between.  Well, Mr. Fix-It's birthday is coming up in 11 days so I got busy with MFT's Wednesday Sketch Challenge and made his BD card EARLY!  Now that is an accomplishment for me!!!

I had a lot of fun with this one, since I spend so much of my time doing girly things.  I got out my cork, woodgrain paper, micro-mini brads, Tim Holtz ruler  and license plate papers, my MFT tool dies, zigzag die, and Fred Fix-It, along with my Copics and sharp snips.

I think he will like this card because it is definitely more manly than most of what I make!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

kathy b

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