Sunday, May 12, 2013

Best teacher ever

Hello everyone!
Well, I was partying too much yesterday--thank you Kathy for posting.  I woke up to two sweet angels singing Happy Birthday.  This was followed by opening presents and the girls made me a fanstastic breakfast: eggs, sausage, bacon, strawberry smoothie and coffee.  We then packed up Daisy and some water bottles and headed out to Garden of the Gods for a nice walk.  This was Daisy's first time and she went nuts!  She slept so hard all day after that.  Once we brought her home, we headed back out to do some shopping (girls needed some shoes for graduation) and a nice relaxing time at Barnes and Noble.  Then we headed onto dinner.  The only downside was that the girls are sick--really stuffed up with colds and coughing and just plain old cold misery.  By the time we got back from dinner it was rather late but we still watched our movie night before going to bed.  I never checked work email once...and still live!  Maybe I need to do that more often. :)

So today I spent making a card for one of Claudia's teachers.  This is her Language Arts teacher and she is very special to Claudia--and the only one who is getting a teacher appreciation this year!  Claudia asked me to make her a card so that it is perfect.  You see Claudia has always struggled with reading.  She doesn't like to read, she is overwhelmed with it--quite the opposite from her sister.  Her standardized also show she struggles.  Well, this year Claudia has been getting an A+ in Language Arts all semesters (and will be getting one for her 4th semester).  This teacher really brings out the best in her--and it helps she is a fashion diva just like Claudia (they compare nail colors and clothes...LOL). first one may think Claudia is just a teacher's pet--but her standardized test scores also have soared so it is NOT an artifact.  So we credit this teacher for bringing out what we all knew Claudia has within her...a great writer and reader!  For her card I used  a Stampin Bella image (sentiments stamping Bella and SU)  Inside it says "You deserve an A+"...I hope you enjoy!  Thanks for stopping by.   No challenges today for me.  Just wanted to do what I wanted to do on the card. :)  Margaret

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  1. Beautiful, and congrats to the teacher who saw what we all knew was in Claudia and was able to bring it out!!!