Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Graduation

Hello everyone,
Today was an exciting day...which turned into a tiring one.  My daughter graduated from 8th grade.  I can't help but still remember the moment I held her for the very first time when she was born.  That little peanut is all grown up.  How time flies.  I got choked up several times today.  All that emotion has left me quite drained.

I am featuring today the card I made for her graduation.  It is modeled after her dress (see below).  The dies are Memory Box and Stampin Up with edging form Martha Stewart and sentiment from Stampin Up.  I can't remember the paper as it is downstairs and I'm too tired to go check (sorry!)    No challenges beat.  I have several more cards to post over the next several days--so bear with me.  Kathy's internet is out due to a storm.  Thank you for stopping by!  See you again tomorrow with another teacher card. :)  Margaret

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  1. How sweet! You couldn't have made a better match to Julia's dress if you had made it yourself! The card is beautiful, as is your daughter! I can't believe she starts high school in August!