Saturday, May 25, 2013

Teacher appreciation 2 and 3

Happy Saturday everyone!
I just realized I forgot to post my card yesterday---so sorry!  But, to make up for it,  I will be posting TWO today.  :)  Both are teacher appreciation cards my daughter gave to her teachers.  The first one was for her history teacher (hence the red,white and blue) and the second for her Language Arts Teacher.  Just a short story aside, in the beginning of the year she would come home crying because she was so afraid of her LA teacher who had a sign in the classroom ("NO FUN").  By the end of the year, she became Julia's favorite teacher.  She pushed her hard, but because of it, she became a great writer and researcher.  This teacher was a former reporter--and a perfectionist like my daughter.  We were so appreciative of the advice she gave Julia not to overstress every assignment and just go with the flow.  :)  I just love all the teachers my children have had this year--they were fantastic and devoted educators--they all truly cared about the kids.  So why are they so underpaid when they shape the future minds of America?  I don't get it.

So first card...MFT with spellbinder dies.  Second card Magnolia with Spellbinder, SU (cut in half for sentiment) and MFT dies.  The sentment is from Stamping Bella.  Enjoy!  It is a beautiful sunny day in Colorado--quite a lovely change from all week when it was cold and rainy...even snowy at one point!  Today...almost 80!  We're off shopping.  Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day.  Will be back tomorrow with my last teacher appreciation card. :)  Margaret

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  1. What great cards for a teacher. I am a teacher and receiving handmade cards is always wonderful!