Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mature Birthday

Good Saturday morning everyone!  I am sure Kathy will about fall out of her chair when she sees that I've posted twice in one week. LOL.  I found my chord to one of my old cameras which  had a bunch of photos of cards I created last year.  My skills were sharp last year but since I hadn't created much since May, I can see my creativity has dwindled.  Anyway, today I'm posting a card I had made for my mother's birthday last April.  She's an she is all girl and loves to primp.  Her greatest love is hats.  I don't quite understand it...can't stand them myself, but as you can see, this card is all her.  I don't remember where the paper came from (it was from one of those pads I bought at Michaels) but details about the stamps are below.  I picked up the "Mature and Fabulous" stamp when I was vacationing in Santa Fe in a cute little store called Stampa Fe.  I'd never heard of this company before but am sure glad I found it--it's so unique.  Enjoy! -Margaret
Stamps: Lady (Kanban Crafts); Sentiment (Alor, Our Lady of Rubber) lots of silver stickles

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