Friday, March 23, 2012

Gardening thank you

Hi everyone!  I did an unusual thing...I stayed up to do a card for a guest speaker that I've had in my class today.  I teach courses in nutrition and our speaker today came and had planned this FABULOUS presentation for our students about gardening.  So our class got very dirty with worms, dirt, was amazing.  And this amazing man brought tubs among tubs among tubs of manure, worms, seeds, everything you can think of to demonstrate how to garden well.  SO, I figured he would appreciate something a little handmade. :)  He was truly touched by this card so I am glad I did it!  He said he will frame's moments like this that makes that extra special effort so worthwhile.  I used a lot of paper in this card...and Kathy can appreciate this...I am completely stingy with paper.  I just want to hoard it and look at it but not use it because I may need it for that extra special this was a difficult moment for me to be cutting into all that beautiful patterned paper, but now I know I did the right thing. LOL  Thanks for obliging me in my mad paper obsession.

So today's card is a Magnolia you can see it's a gardening theme.  The Kind Thanks sentiment is Stampin Up cut out on a Nestabilities die. The oval and rectangular frames are all Nestabilities as well.  The strawberry, Edwin and Tilda are all Magnolias...older versions.  The butterfly is a Martha Stewart Punch with black stickles in the middle.  I think the paper is Pebbles.  Inside the card the punched side is also Martha stewart and the sentiment is just printed off the printer.  It says, "Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas - working with nature provides the technique."  It is a quote by Elizabeth Murray.  I hope you enjoyed the card!  Thanks for stopping by. - Margaret

The front of the card

Inside the card

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